Recent studies show that compulsive Hoarding is among the most misunderstood disorders in the current times and is a lot more common than what most people are given to believe.  When you need Lake Merritt Hoarding Cleanup Services, then it’s time to reach out to Casa Azul Cleaning Service.
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Hoarding is described as a medical disorder, typified by a persistent difficulty to part with items regardless of their lack of financial or sentimental value, resulting in the excessive accumulation of random items.

A popular misconception about hoarding is the assumption that it is a habit of choice like other vices such as smoking.

However, that is not the case. Unlike messy or lazy people, hoarders allow their habit of hoarding to overwhelm their living conditions, their lifestyle, and their relationships, even endangering their health and the health of those living with them. Typically hoarded items include newspapers, magazines, household products, clothes, and the like.

Symptoms Of Hoarding

Many may argue that it is difficult to distinguish between a hoarder and someone who just struggles with being organized and de-cluttered. However, several symptoms can help identify whether a person is struggling with hoarding or not. Some of those symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Difficulty and indecisiveness in discarding items regardless of their lack of financial or sentimental value
  • Extreme anxiety at the very thought of having to part with possessions
  • Accumulation of items to the extent that the various articles have filled up the bedrooms, spilling into the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, corridors, stairwells, etc. to the extent that movement is difficult and dangerous
  • The plethora of items have made cleaning the place impossible so much so that it is hasn’t been cleaned in months with leftover food left to rot, rubbish and litter scattered everywhere, leading to unsanitary conditions and the risk of various health issues
  • The accumulated items are littered about the place randomly and not proudly displayed as hobbies often are
  • Social isolation, marital discord, and strained family relations
  • Paranoia about other people touching possessions

As the symptoms of hoarding clearly indicate, it is a debilitating disorder that severely diminishes the quality of life of the affected person. While there are certain factors such as stressful life events or specific personality traits that predispose a person to being more likely to develop the hoarding disorder, the reality is that there is no concrete knowledge about what leads one to developing the hoarding disorder.

Lake Merritt Hoarding Cleanup Services

If someone you know and love is struggling with hoarding, then the best thing you can do for them is guide them get the required help to improve their situation.

One of the first steps in any hoarder’s journey to getting better is cleaning up house and de-cluttering. A hoarder’s living space is not an easy space to clean. There is likely to be filth, dirt, grime, and so much more all over the place. The residence will need to first be de-cluttered, emptied and then cleaned and scrubbed with commercial-grade products and equipment. Any structural weaknesses will need to be identified and fixed and items damaged beyond repair will need to be disposed of.

For all of this, it is best to hire a professional hoarding clean up service. A hoarding clean up business specializes in cleaning exactly such types of situations. If you are anywhere in the area of Lake Merritt and are looking for a hoarding clean up service, then we are the business to call. Several factors make us the best choice:

  • We offer a comprehensive hoarding clean up service. This means we de-clutter, clean up, organize the leftover items in the house, and dispose of all the rubbish gathered
  • We have the best green cleaning products and latest equipment for the job, which makes us well-equipped to offer the best possible clean up of the place possible.
  • We have seen it all. We have been in the business of hoarding clean up for a while now, which means there is no mess too big or difficult for us to sort through.
  • We understand that hoarding is a sensitive issue. We know the mental stress that a hoarder and their loved ones face and recognize that having hoarding clean up is a big step in a hoarder’s journey to getting better. This is why we are committed to doing our job with the utmost respect and professionalism and with causing minimal hassle and botheration to our clients.

So, if you are in the Lake Merritt area and looking for a hoarding clean up service for someone you know and love, give us a call. We will be more than happy to join you in helping your loved one take that first step towards a better tomorrow.